If the Starter is damaged, it can be repaired !

24 Oct 2023
If the Starter is damaged, it can be repaired !
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If the Starter is damaged, it can be repaired ! 

Yes, in many cases, a damaged starter can be repaired instead of being replaced with a new one. The extent of the damage and the availability of replacement parts will determine if repair is a viable option. Here are some common issues that can be repaired in a starter:

1️⃣  Solenoid Repair: 

The starter solenoid, which is responsible for engaging the drive gear with the engine's flywheel, can sometimes malfunction. It may be possible to repair or replace the solenoid to restore the starter's functionality.

2️⃣  Brush Replacement: 

In traditional starters with brushes, the brushes may wear out over time. Replacing the worn-out brushes can often solve the problem.

3️⃣  Electrical Connections:

 Loose or corroded electrical connections can prevent the starter from receiving the necessary current. Cleaning or fixing the connections might resolve the issue.

4️⃣  Bendix Gear Repair: 

The bendix gear, which is part of the starter drive system, might get jammed or damaged. Repairing or replacing the bendix gear can rectify the problem.

5️⃣  Armature Repair: 

If the armature, the rotating part of the starter, is damaged, it might be possible to repair it by rewinding the coils or fixing any issues with the laminations.

It's essential to have the starter inspected by a qualified mechanic to determine the specific cause of the problem and whether repair is a viable option. In some cases, especially if the damage is severe or the starter is very old, replacement with a new or remanufactured starter might be a more cost-effective and reliable solution. Additionally, it's important to consider the warranty and reliability of the repaired starter to ensure long-term functionality.


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